About Scotto Brothers

So many bridal showcases, so little time!


Congratulations on your engagement!  Now that you have the ring, you might be thinking "what's next"?  Planning off course!  But where do you start?  Some may hit the gown stores while others tour countless venues in search for the 'perfect one'.  Experts agree that reserving your wedding date should be first and foremost on your list of things to do so that you can plan the rest of your wedding with ease.

Reserving your wedding venue first allows you to have serious conversations with vendors (i.e: band, DJ, florist, limousine and more) so that you can confirm their availability and pricing for that time of year.   

During your search you will come across hundreds of vendors in each category; but who can you trust?  The Scotto Brothers have created a recommended vendor program so that your needs are not only met but exceeded with professionals who are the best in their respective field and are fully insured.   In an effort to make the planning process easier, the Scotto Brothers host Bridal Showcases at their Fox Hollow & Chateau Briand catering venues where all of their vendors come together for a night of wedding planning and to answer all of your questions.

These showcases take place six (6) times per year so be sure to check the Fox Hollow & Chateau Briand calendar of events for upcoming showcase dates!